Tory focus on women outrages Labour MP

A Labour MP has renewed her criticism against the Conservatives for their use of a public relations firm called Pretty Little Head.

Lynda Waltho, assistant minister for the West Midlands, told she viewed the revelation as “quite insulting” and argued the Tory preoccupation with winning over female voters was misguided.

“Miss Average and Mrs Average in the street – the people I work with and live with – are actually quite insulted by the idea that certain things that appeal to them that wouldn’t appeal to others. At the end of the day we’re all interested in the same things,” she said.

A Conservative party spokesperson refused to comment to on the matter beyond confirming that “this is a consultancy that we have used”.

Last weekend saw broadsheets mocking the Tories for using Pretty Little Head, which delivers an “understanding of women” based on the “scientific study of gender difference and the culmination of our personal experience”.

Now Ms Waltho has launched a new attack on the Tories for their decision to employ the firm.

“It’s seeking an insight into women’s minds, indicating. [they believe women’s] minds work completely differently from men,” she added.

“What women want is substance and I don’t think you get that from a PR group.”

The prime minister, unsurprisingly, backed Ms Waltho when she submitted her question in the Commons chamber.

“While the opposition are interested in public relations, we are interested in getting the policy right, and we would like to have all-party support,” Gordon Brown said.