Unison: Tories are not the party of the NHS


Dave Prentis, Unison general secretary, said in response to False Economy's NHS job loss numbers:

"The Tories are not the party of the NHS - they are the party that will destroy our NHS. Losing 50,000 health workers will hurt. It's only a matter of time before the toll of bed shortages and ward closures mount up. With fewer nurses on wards, the return of long waiting lists, and a rise in cancelled operations, patient care will be an early casualty.

"The Tories cannot ignore the mounting evidence that they have got it wrong on the health service, and wrong on recovery. They need to put the brakes on the cuts, and shelve the titanic re-organisation of the health service before it's too late.

"Instead of sacrificing patients, the Tories should make the UK's major banks pay their fair share in tax, and tackle the galling spectre of big City bonuses."


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