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The winner takes it all
2010’s winners and losers

Welcome to’s rundown of this year’s big political winners and losers. By Peter Wozniak It’s been a long year, which started with Gordon Brown besieged in No 10 after the latest in a succession of attempted ‘mini-coups’. Since then we’ve seen political titans emerge and fade away in a rollercoaster of events, centred around… Read more »

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Henry Goodman (Sir Humphrey) and David Haig (Jim Hacker) in the updated Yes, Prime Minister
Review: Yes, Prime Minister

The stage version of the classic comedy has acquired a darker tinge, but remains a brilliant rendering of the absurdity of life in power. By Alex Stevenson Some struggles never die. The politician and the civil servant are tied at the hip, in a symbiotic relationship ripe with comic potential which Antony Jay and Jonathan… Read more »

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