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Jack Straw, the public interest, and you

Who gets to decide what's best for the public when it comes to freedom of information? The government, apparently.


    ID cards abolished

    But don't get too excited - that was half a century ago. This is the story of how Britain already defeated the identity programme.


    Gordon Brown: A life

    It can't be a very happy birthday for Gordon Brown.

  • An inmate at Guantanamo Bay

    Interview: The Guantanamo author interviews Anna Perera, the children's writer whose novel on a fictitious English teenager sent to Guantanamo Bay is released today.

  • Guantanamo Boy, by Anna Perera

    Review: Guantanamo Boy

    Guantanamo Boy's ability to deal with the difficult issues surrounding the camp makes it a compelling read for people of all ages - and a remarkable achievement.


    Torture controversy: FAQ

    What is the controversy over Britain's alleged complicity in American torture really add up to? And where will it go from here?


    PMQs as-it-happened

    See how this week's prime minister's questions happens minute-by-minute.

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