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PMQs As-It-Happened

MPs have now filled up the chamber, and the prime minister is expected shortly.


    Party tax plans in full

    All three main parties now appear to be convinced of the need for tax cuts. Here's how they add up.


    Brown press conference As-It-Happened

    The press are gathered in the room for Gordon Brown's monthly press conference. Expect everything to centre around the question of tax cuts, which the PM has been hinted at like there's no tomorrow.


    Profile: The Labour candidate

    Party insiders were quietly ecstatic when they settled on their nominee for tonight's by-election.


    Profile: The SNP candidate

    The Scottish National party (SNP) hopes Peter Grant will be the man to continue his party's recent electoral successes at the Glenrothes by-election.

  • Lynda Waltho, Labour MP for Stourbridge

    Interview: Lynda Waltho

    The Stourbridge MP's maternal instincts are entirely in tune with her political outlook, so much so they almost prevented her from making the leap to national politics at all.


    Feature: Yes, Mr president

    With a new president about to enter the White House, Gordon Brown will have to establish a close working relationship with his colleague across the Atlantic. How have prime ministers and presidents gotten on along the years?


    PMQs As-It-Happened

    David Cameron and Gordon Brown square up again today after a series of three consecutive defeats for the Tory leader.

  • Interview: Lembit Opik

    Interview: Lembit Opik

    Liberal Democrat presidential hopeful Lembit Opik gives his views on his party's future.

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