Tories stagnating below 30% in new polls

David Cameron's party below 30% in two polls out this weekend
David Cameron's party below 30% in two polls out this weekend

By staff

The Conservatives are continuing to struggle in opinion polls after their drubbing in last month's local elections.

Two polls out over the bank holiday weekend put the Tories on 29%, trailing a long way behind Ed Miliband's resurgent Labour party.

Angus Reid saw Labour increase their vote share to 45%, up four points. Survation saw the Tories slipping one point to 29%, with Labour unchanged on 37%.

For much of the coalition's first two years in power Labour has lagged behind in terms of economic credibility, but Survation's respondents trusted Ed Balls more on 28% to George Osborne's 26%.

Angus Reid found one-third of Britons now approved of the prime minister's performance. Ed Miliband remains just behind on 32% - an assessment unchanged from October 2011.

The polls both represent further bad news for the Liberal Democrats, who are unchanged on 13% in the Survation poll and down two per cent to just nine per cent in Angus Reid's research.

Survation put Nick Clegg's net job approval at -43%, much lower than Mr Cameron's -29% and Mr Miliband's -43%.

Angus Reid said just 21% of Brits approved of the way Mr Clegg was handling his duties, however.


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