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"The fall of Aleppo brought a cacophony of recriminations against those who opposed military action against President Assad in 2013"

Arguments over Western failures in Syria mask the grim reality of unstoppable war

The time to stop a conflict is before it starts

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  • Airstrikes on ISIS – how will the air campaign evolve?

    Footage of RAF Tornados taking off from Cyprus to patrol the skies of Iraq may have evoked memories of 1991 or 2003 (or even 1920's 'air policing') – but this a different campaign entirely, argues Tim Robinson.

  • BHA: Non-religious members of the forces should be represented at the Remembrance cenotaph

    The British Humanist Association (BHA) is supporting ‘For All Who Serve’, the new campaign launched by the United Kingdom Armed Forces Humanist Association (UKAFHA), which calls for the recognition of non-religious members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty at the national service of remembrance.

  • BHA: Family of WW2 hero Major Sidney Excell: Humanist exclusion from Remembrance Ceremony ‘blatant discrimination'

    The family of the late Major Sidney Excell, a committed atheist best known as the man who arrested Head of the Gestapo Heinrich Himmler have today said that they are appalled at the government refusal to include a humanist at the wreath laying ceremony on Remembrance Day. In a statement put out by the family they commented ‘It is devastating to know that a man who played not a small role in history not be remembered by the country he so loved. It is disgusting that the Government has consistently denied requests for a humanist representative to be placed with religious representatives. We call for an end to this blatant discrimination - and that is what it is.

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