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For some reason the breast-feeding just wasn't working out

Parental leave boosts families - but how many dads can afford it?

New fathers will be able to take up to 12 months of parental leave, Nick Clegg has announced - but affordability constraints could prevent 95% of them from doing so.

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  • FSB welcome employment reforms and discuss the challenge of unemployment

    FSB discuss how small firms are tackling unemployment and welcome the reforms to employment law. They also prepare for the party conference season with a focus on unemployment, and more. Read about it here.

  • NASUWT: Another scandalous attack on the rights of ordinary working people

    Responding to the last minute amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which is seeking to remove employers’ strict liability when workers are injured at work, Chris Keates said: “Not content with making it prohibitively expensive for low-income workers to access justice if they are treated unfairly by their employer and introducing proposals to reduce the amount injured employees can collect in costs; the Government is now seeking to make it easier for employers to escape penalty and responsibility for injuries sustained at work." Read more...

  • Unite: Unfair dismissal changes are part of a joined-up attack on workers' rights

    Unite, Britain's biggest union, says that the government's plan to cap compensation for unfair dismissal is part of a joined-up attack on workers' rights which is turning ordinary working people into scapegoats for the coalition's economic mismanagement.

  • Serving up Change: The Fight for Workers' Rights

    We are Unite Fight Film, a group of these young workers who are fighting back. We’re currently making a documentary film exploring the exploitative reality of zero hours contracts and we need your help.

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