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BASC seeks clarity on expanded SSPCA powers

In light of new investigatory powers granted to the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals (SSPCA), the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has issued a letter to Police Scotland and the Crown Office, urging them to closely monitor and guard against the potential for bias in any evidence gathered by the… Read more »

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G8 falling short of African aid targets
G8 challenged to meet aid targets

The Conservatives have now joined the chorus of voices holding the G8 to its 2005 promises, warning the G8 nations to “deliver what they pledged”. However, they say the effectiveness of aid projects should be seen as important as their scale, claiming too much of the G8 aid has failed to fully benefit its recipients…. Read more »

Tony Blair is embarking on a farewell tour to Africa
Blair’s farewell to Africa

Tony Blair is embarking on a farewell tour to Africa, taking in Libya, Sierra Leone, and South Africa in an effort to publicise a new world trade deal. In the last ten years the prime minister has devoted more of Britain’s energies to Africa than at any time since the empire, and as his premiership… Read more »