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BASC responds to Scottish Government’s announcement on deer management

Scotland’s Net Zero Secretary today announced the government’s climate change plans, including details on how these new measures will affect deer management in Scotland. The Scottish Government has stated they ‘will build on the current Cairngorms Deer Pilot to develop a national scheme which incentivises increased management and investment in the venison supply chain’. Peter… Read more »

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The BBC are under pressure to adapt Thought for the Day's format
BBC rethink ‘Thought for the Day’ religious message

By staff The BBC is rethinking whether Radio 4’s famous ‘Thought for the Day’ should remain an entirely religious affair. Currently, only religious figures appear on the station during the Today programme, to give a spiritually themed message. But the slot has long drawn the ire of atheists and humanists, who believe a renewed… Read more »

The BBC relies on the licence fee
Bill to abolish the license fee reaches the Commons

By staff A private members bill calling for the abolition of the licence fee has reached the Commons, after a tortured birth process. The bill, introduced by Conservative backbencher Christopher Chope, would abolish the requirement for a television licence fee, by repealing the part of the Communications Act 2003 that relates to licensing of… Read more »