‘I made a mistake’: Speaker Hoyle repeats apology after SNP expresses ‘no confidence’

Speaking in the chamber this afternoon, House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle reiterated last night’s apology for how the Gaza debate developed.

“I regret it, I apologise to the SNP, and to the House”, he said. “I made a mistake – we do make mistakes, I own up to mine.”

He also revealed he had held meetings with police yesterday about threats posed to MPs.

He declared: “If my mistake is looking after members, I am guilty”.

It came after the leader of the SNP in Westminster, Stephen Flynn, told the Speaker he cannot continue in his role.

Addressing the Speaker, Flynn said the House of Commons “descended into farce because of the decision that you made and you alone made”.

“As I have expressed to you privately prior to proceedings here today, we do not on these benches therefore believe that you can continue in your role as Speaker”, he added.

“We do not have confidence in your ability to do so.”

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