Greenpeace reaction to Biden gas export pause

Responding to the news that the US Government has announced a pause on pending decisions for all new liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, Greenpeace USA Executive Director, Ebony Twilley-Martin, said: 

“Today, we celebrate an incredible win that rests squarely in the hands of people living on the frontlines, who have been fighting this nightmare tirelessly for years. With this delay, President Biden is demonstrating that the United States can and will transition away from dirty oil and gas. It’s a remarkable step that defines the stakes in the upcoming election.

“The White House must now turn this administrative pause into concrete action by updating the climate analysis required for fossil fuel export approvals. If done correctly, this change would permanently derail all other planned LNG terminals. The gas boom planned in this country would poison our communities and set us firmly on the path to an unlivable planet.

“LNG projects across the Gulf South are already harming people’s health, wrecking the environment, raising prices for families, and threatening our national security. We can’t afford to rubber-stamp these climate Death Stars that will decimate both local communities and our planet. Now, the Biden administration needs to finish the job – let’s make the pause permanent.”