Greenpeace slams 27 new oil and gas licences: UK will fuel climate crisis instead of helping fix it

Philip Evans, climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said: “UK voters want warmer homes, cheaper energy bills and a government that’s not afraid to take on the climate crisis.

“Instead they’re being ignored so Rishi Sunak can pander to corporate interests, with licences for fossil fuels that’ll make no difference to bills, do nothing for energy security, and produce yet more profits for dizzyingly wealthy companies like Shell. They profit while we get colder and poorer, and the UK turns into a nation that’s fuelling the climate crisis rather than helping to fix it.

“Greenpeace plans to fight these licences in the courtroom, and we’re mobilising voters to prioritise climate at the next election, because frankly we’re all sick of these backward facing policies.”