Greenpeace reaction to UK signing Global Ocean Treaty at UN

Responding to the news that the UK will join other governments in signing the Global Ocean Treaty at the UN in New York later today, Ariana Densham, Head of Oceans at Greenpeace UK, said:


“The UK being among the first wave of governments to sign this vital Treaty is an important sign of leadership on what is otherwise a dark day for its environmental reputation. The irony is not lost that this is taking place just as the UK is absent from the UN Climate Ambition Summit and Rishi Sunak is threatening to rip up vital policies that would help meet our climate targets, boost growth and tackle the cost of living crisis.


“Today’s signing should fire the starting gun for the UK to ratify the treaty into national law as soon as possible, and to press ahead with creating sanctuaries on the high seas. The stakes could hardly be higher as our oceans face threats from all sides: from industrial fishing to deep sea mining to unprecedented ocean heat waves.


“While this leadership from the UK on the world stage is welcome, ocean protection starts at home. That means not watering down domestic policies that will allow us to reach our Net Zero commitment and limit warming and acidification of the oceans. It also means immediately banning industrial fishing from marine protected areas and supporting a ban on deep sea mining before this destructive new industry can gain a foothold.”