The All-Party Parliamentary Group for London as a Global City launches significant report on fostering London’s Global City Status

27 June 2022 – Today, The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for London as a Global City launches its first report which seeks to outline what London’s global city status means and how it affects its relationship with the rest of the UK.  

The report highlights various policy recommendations to ensure that London retains its global standing and attractiveness and continues to draw international investment into the UK. It follows a comprehensive inquiry conducted by the APPG earlier this year, during which evidence was taken from leading business groups and representatives in London.  

Key recommendations from the report include: 

  • That levelling up must not just take place in the Industrial belt of the North, rather encompassing the whole of the UK’s more deprived areas – including those in  London, to increase London’s place in global city standings 
  • Domestic Skills training is a key facet of London’s ability to remain a global leader, and hospitality skills need to be focused on to make London as globally welcoming for  business as possible 
  • The Department for International Trade should convene a ‘UK Cities Forum’ of Metro  and Combined Authority Mayors to establish the potential for city trade missions to enhance investment opportunities; and, if worthy, to consider the merits of this  organisation being made permanent 

Chaired by Gareth Bacon MP, The All-Party Parliamentary Group for London as a Global City was created to promote awareness of the vital role London plays as the UK’s global city and the policies needed to support this position. The Secretariat for the APPG is provided by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).  

On the publication of the report, Gareth Bacon MP said: This report shines a spotlight on what is needed to foster London’s unique circumstances so that it can continue to compete as the world’s leading global city. There is an intrinsic dynamic between London and the UK and London is vital to the UK’s cultural and economic prosperity. What benefits London has multiplicative benefits across the nation and so levelling up the country should not mean levelling down the capital.” 

“However, London’s success cannot be taken for granted, which is why this report proposes a suite of recommendations to bolster London’s business, tourism, education and  environmental sectors. I am proud of the All-Party Group’s work in advocating for our capital as we now look to take the report’s recommendations forward into public policy.” 

Richard Burge, Chief Executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said:  “London is regarded as one of the world’s top global cities, a reputation built on its unique geographic position, business ecosystem, quality of life offer, capacity for innovation, deep capital markets, diversity, and hub status. These factors all play a key role in the projection of a truly ‘Global Britain’. We must foster and invest in the assets that drive London’s success. To that end, we are delighted to support the work of the APPG and look forward to the implementation of the report’s findings.” 

To read the full report, click here