Germany left red-faced by naked drug taker who danced on Merkel’s jet

Germany security officials have been left red-faced after it emerged a man high on ecstasy and wearing only his underpants was able to dance on Angela Merkel's government jet for four hours before he was arrested.

Volkan T, a bodybuilding Turkish man in his mid-twenties carrying bags of cannabis and ecstasy, danced on the wings of the plane, set off fire extinguishers and played with the controls in the cockpit before authorities managed to deal with the situation.

An eight-page police report from July leaked to German newspapers and reported in Spiegal Online said he got past border guards by saying he was invited to a wedding reception in a nearby officer's quarters.

Merkel was hundreds of miles away, watching opera "The Flying Dutchman" at a Wagner festival in Bavaria.

The bodybuilder then climbed a barbed wire fence, managed to get on to the plane's wing and then entered through an open emergency exit.

Authorities were only called when he accidentally triggered an alarm by playing with buttons in the cockpit.

An hour later the army heightened its level of alert to the maximum possible level. They only took to a megaphone demanding the man leave the plane an hour later that. He did not comply.

Four hours after the emergency alert was triggered they sent in dogs, which bit the intruder on the leg and allowed authorities to arrest him.

The plane was out of action for several weeks and suffered €100,000 of damage. The man has been taken to a secure psychiatric hospital.

Security forces said they had altered their operational methods as a result of the breach but the opposition Social Democrats, who are currently fighting Merkel in a general election, are demanding a full investigation.