Naked rambler given 11-month prison sentence

The infamous Naked Rambler has been given an 11-month jail sentence for breaching an Asbo, in a harsh move which raised eyebrows among legal observers.

The lengthy sentence comes just days after BBC presenter Stuart Hall was given a sentence of just 15 months, despite being found guilty of sexually abusing 13 girls.

Stephen Gough has been convicted 28 times for 46 offences, mainly in Scotland during an effort to walk from Land's End to John O'Groats.

The former royal marine was unable to appear in court in Southampton because he refused to put on clothes. He denied breaching the Asbo but offered no defence. The jury convicted him in ten minutes.

The court heard how the 53-year-old had been given an interim Asbo in February insisting that he cover his genitalia and buttocks if in a public place.

He emerged from that court wearing just socks and shoes. When police offered him clothing he reportedly declined and was arrested again on the court steps.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said:"This is a much more serious offence than the other public order offences. I take the view only a substantial custodial sentence is appropriate."

Gough has already spent six years in prison. He will be released on August 14th due to time served.