EU referendum promise dramatically reduces Labour’s lead

David Cameron's promise to hold a referendum on EU membership has slashed Labour's lead in several polls.

A clutch of weekend polls all saw Ed Miliband's double digit lead cut to single digits, as well as a reduction in the Ukip vote.

You Gov's poll for the Sunday times put the Tories up five on 33%, with Labour just six points ahead. Ukip were down four points to ten per cent.

An Angus Reid poll for the Sunday Express saw the Conservatives rise three points, while a Survation poll for the Mail on Sunday put them up two points, with Ukip losing two points.

Polling suggests the public is evenly split on how it would vote in an EU referendum, with 43% backing leaving in a Com Res poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror, compared to 33% saying they would rather stay.

Forty-per cent of people told a Populus poll for the Times they would leave, compared to 37% saying they would stay. Twenty-three per cent were undecided.

A You Gov survey saw 40% saying they would leave, with 38% saying they would stay.

Once voters are asked how they would vote if David Cameron secured an attractive package of repatriated powers, the odds for a vote staying in the EU are radically improved.