Poll: Police cuts make two-thirds feel unsafe

By Alex Gangitano

Sixty-five per cent of people feel less safe due to the number of cuts to police officers, according to a survey released today ahead ofpolice and crime commissioner elections.

The ComRes survey for the constables committee of the Police Federation suggests police cuts will be a major issue at the 2015 election – especially if concerns around reduced security are realised.

“It simply cannot be right that we are all paying the price with our safety for the financial negligence of others,” Julie Grocutt, chairman of the constables committee said.

"Today's polling proves what we've been telling government for the past two years. For less, you get less and the public don't like it."

Forty-four per cent of Conservative voters, 38% of Liberal Democrat voters and 34% of Labour voters say crime and policing will influence their vote.

Crime and policing will be put ahead of Europe, education, defence, the environment and transport by 37% of people in the next election.

Fifty-five per cent of people said that total number of police jobs should actually go up.

In a few weeks, the public will vote in the first police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections, although some experts predict the turn out will be as low as ten per cent.