Left-winger promoted in Miliband’s mini-reshuffle

Labour left-winger Jon Cruddas has been promoted to coordinate of the Labour party policy review by Ed Miliband.

The move will be seen as evidence that the party leader is promoting radical figures to write his policy package ahead of the general election campaign.

"Jon Cruddas is already known as one of the most radical and deepest thinkers in the party," Mr Miliband said.

"As the policy review enters its next phase, I look forward to him bringing his energy and new ideas."

The move is a major promotion for the left-wing figure, who served as a bridge between Tony Blair's government and the unions before attempting an unsuccessful run as deputy leader.

He backed David Miliband in the leadership election – a move which surprised many analysts who considered him closer politically to Ed Miliband.

He was instrumental in the introduction of the minimum wage and rebelled against New Labour on issues such as Trident, asylum seeker rights and Israel's bombing of Lebanon.

He has recently been associated with the 'blue Labour' movement, however, which adopts a more conservative social position.

In other moves, Angela Eagle, shadow Commons leader, is being recommended as chair of the National Policy Forum, while Owen Smith will replace Peter Hain as Welsh secretary.

ndrew Adonis, the former transport secretary, will advise the policy review on Labour's industrial strategy.

Speculation that Liam Byrne would be stripped of his role as work and pensions secretary proved unfounded.