Liam Fox: I’ll be back… probably

By Ian Dunt

Liam Fox still holds hopes of eventually making a return to frontline politics, he admitted today.

The former defence secretary, who resigned in disgrace after he allowed friend Adam Werritty to take part in ministerial meetings, said he was establishing his own projects but was still holding out for an eventual return.

Speaking to the BBC's Sunday Politics, Mr Fox said: "You have accept your position. There no point complaining about the air when there's nothing else to breathe."

Asked if he believed he would be able to return to the frontline of British politics, he replied: "That's a decision for the prime minister but I now have a number of projects that I want to complete myself, so I wouldn't be looking to see a return to the front line."

Asked again if he could envisage an eventual return he said: "You come into politics to be able to make a difference."

He then added: "You can take that as a yes."

The former GP ran against David Cameron for the leadership of the party and some analysts believe he could become a figurehead for right-wing backbenchers' disillusion with the coalition.

An intervention last week, in which he demanded tax cuts to boost the economy, cemented that assessment.