Welsh Labour miss out on overall majority

By Hannah Brenton

Labour has made considerable gains in the Welsh elections, but fallen just short of an overall majority.

Carwyn Jones’ party missed out on the magic 31 seats in the Welsh Assembly, but it secured the 30 needed for a working majority.

Having ruled in coalition with nationalist Plaid Cymru for the past four years, Mr Jones will have to decide whether to govern through this slim majority or seek coalition partners once more. If he does seek a partner, he could turn to the Liberal Democrats.

Labour’s success has seen them regain heartland territory in Blaenau Gwent and pick up symbolic seats from Plaid Cymru like Llanelli.

The Tory vote has largely held up, seeing the party gain two seats in the Senedd. But the party faces the loss of their leader Nick Bourne, who failed to hold on to his regional seat.

Voters have punished the two junior coalition partners from the Welsh Senedd and Westminster.

In contrast with the Scottish results that have seen a landslide to the Scottish National party (SNP), Plaid have suffered a number of setbacks, losing four of their 15 seats.

The Liberal Democrats have also taken a beating, finishing behind the British National party (BNP) in a number of constituencies.