Poll: Welsh Labour could just miss majority

By politics.co.uk staff

Labour is poised to win the most seats in the Welsh Assembly elections but could just miss out on an outright majority.

A YouGov poll for S4C’s Byd ar Bedwar programme found the party’s numbers had slipped to 45% in the constituency vote and 41% in the regional vote.

That result could leave Labour just short of a working majority in the Senedd.

Owen Smith, Labour’s campaign manager, encouraged voters to turn out for Labour to avoid a Tory-led “losers’ coalition”.

“We have always said that this election would be a tough fight right until the end and the polling merely reaffirms that,” he told Wales Online.

“The choice for Wales is between the certainty that a Labour majority government provides, or a Tory-led losers’ coalition.

“The polls show very clearly how vitally important it is for Labour voters to come out on Thursday.”

The Welsh Tories are currently sitting on 21% of the constituency vote and 20% of the regional vote, leap-frogging Labour’s former coalition partners Plaid Cymru who are on 18% in both.

The Liberal Democrat vote appears to have collapsed, with their polling numbers at eight percent and seven percent.