Archive of 3 June 2010

The crime scene in Cumbria yesterday

Cumbria shootings prompt gun control debate

Derrick Bird's shooting spree across Cumbria which left 12 people dead has prompted a debate on the effectiveness of Britain's gun laws.

  • Mandelson in feather-ruffling mode

    Mandelson: RIP New Labour

    Peter Mandelson, one of New Labour's principle architects, has admitted his project is dead as he prepares to publish his memoirs.

  • UK debt is slimbing by £5,169 a second, the Taxpayers' Alliance claims.

    UK debt 'hits £800 billion'

    UK national debt will hit £800 billion early this afternoon, according to a pressure group.

  • Michael Gove is the new education secretary

    Gove scraps teaching watchdog

    Michael Gove has scrapped a teaching standards council as part of his drive to reduce bureaucracy in the education system.

  • Davuid Miliband: The more the merrier

    David Miliband offers vote to rivals

    David Miliband has offered his vote to one of the Labour rivals struggling to secure nominations in a bid to get as many labour leadership candidates as possible on the ballot paper.

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