Archive of 3 June 2010

The crime scene in Cumbria yesterday

Cumbria shootings prompt gun control debate

Derrick Bird's shooting spree across Cumbria which left 12 people dead has prompted a debate on the effectiveness of Britain's gun laws.

  • Mandelson in feather-ruffling mode

    Mandelson: RIP New Labour

    Peter Mandelson, one of New Labour's principle architects, has admitted his project is dead as he prepares to publish his memoirs.

  • PFI hospitals leave Scottish hospitals facing a big bill

    SNP anger at Labour's '£1.1bn PFI legacy'

    The Scottish nationalists have been left gnashing their teeth as they contemplated a £1.1 billion NHS bill left to them by the Labour government.

  • Davuid Miliband: The more the merrier

    David Miliband offers vote to rivals

    David Miliband has offered his vote to one of the Labour rivals struggling to secure nominations in a bid to get as many labour leadership candidates as possible on the ballot paper.

  • The Fawcett Society campaigns for more women in politics at the general election

    Harman demands women's quota

    Labour party rules should change so that half of the shadow Cabinet are women, Harriet Harman has said.

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