Archive of 25 June 2010

Cameron: 'Grand talking shops'

Cameron lands at G8 amid criticism of 'grand talking shop'

David Cameron has arrived in Canada for the G8 summit, having written an article criticising international summits as "grand talking shops".

  • A new born baby. Researchers found foetuses do not feel pain before 24-weeks due to the unique state in the womb.

    Abortion report: No pain at 24-weeks

    Foetuses cannot feel pain in the womb before 24 weeks a report has found, strengthening the hand of those who wish to keep abortion laws as they stand.

  • Hughes: 'Where we can improve fairness... we will come forward with amendments to do that'

    Lib Dems limit the damage of Hughes statement

    The Lib Dems have moved to limit the damage of a Commons statement from deputy leader Simon Hughes yesterday in which he suggested the party might lay down amendments to the coalition Budget.

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