Schwarzenegger pays a visit to No 10

By Peter Wozniak

Downing Street has received a touch of Hollywood stardust today, as Arnold Schwarzenegger visited the prime minister.

David Cameron is understood to be firm friends with the actor-turned-governor of California.

Following Mr Schwarzenegger’s visit to No 10, he appeared for photos with the prime minister, who joked that he was in Britain to “terminate the deficit”.

The governor will also be treated to a visit to Wellington Barracks in central London and will watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

This is not Mr Schwarzenegger’s first foray into the British political scene.

In 2008, he appeared by video link at the Conservative conference, but was recorded whilst waiting gently mocking Boris Johnson for “fumbling all over the place”.

He also prematurely congratulated Mr Cameron on his ‘victory’ on election night – before it emerged the Conservatives had not secured an overall majority.

The ‘governator’ is coming to the end of his term in office, after a troubled administration of California amidst severe economic problems.