Key Tory lays into Hughes

By staff

The Conservatives’ deputy leader on the London Assembly has branded Simon Hughes “a d*ck”.

James Cleverly made the comments on his Twitter account on the 100th day of the coalition.

“We may be coalition partners but it doesn’t stop me thinking Simon Hughes is a d*ck,” he wrote.

Speaking on his blog in greater length, he attacked the deputy Liberal Democrat leader for his suggestion that Lib Dem backbenchers should be a given a veto on policy.

“Hughes’ latest bone-headed idea is for backbench Lib Dem MPs to have a veto on the coalition government’s policies. Fool,” Mr Cleverly wrote.

“There is a process by which backbench MPs can oppose the government’s policies, it’s called a division. Backbenchers from the party of government have never had a veto on the government’s business, why should the Lib Dems be afforded that luxury?”

He added: “If Hughes feels it impossible to work with the Conservatives and his own frontbench Lib Dem colleagues why not just b**ger off to Labour and let the serious politicians get on with it?”

The recently elected Mr Hughes is tasked with cementing a distinct party identity for the Lib Dems in government, in a bid to prevent any further decline in the polls.