Dave meets Maggie

By politics.co.uk staff

David Cameron welcomed Margaret Thatcher back to Downing Street today in an attempt to calm right-wing jitters about the coalition.

The two met outside Baroness Thatcher’s home for 11 years, and then proceeded inside for a meeting.

Mr Cameron said it was “great” to have her back.

The meeting comes amid rumours that Baroness Thatcher is concerned about some of the coalition government’s policies, notably changes to Commons voting rules.

But the photo opportunity will also help Mr Cameron dampen rebellion among his own backbenchers, many of whom remain deeply uncomfortable about getting into bed with the Liberal Democrats.

Baroness Thatcher no longer makes public pronouncements, following a minor stroke several years ago.

As George Osborne pointed out in the Commons this afternoon, Labour prime ministers – including Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – are just as keen to invite her to Downing Street as Conservatives.