General election 2010: Final constituency votes

By staff

The only constituency which did not elect an MP in the 2010 general election is doing so today.

While the rest of the nation voted on May 6th the newly-created North Yorkshire seat of Thirsk and Malton did not. The death of Ukip candidate John Boakes meant the election would instead take place on May 27th.

As a safe Conservative seat the race would not have attracted much attention had it not been for the fact the Tories’ coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, are running against incumbent Anne McIntosh.

Lib Dem Howard Keal has spoken of the importance of “moderating the Conservatives” as he bids to steal the constituency from his party’s government allies.

“Had the Conservatives been left to govern on their own their policies would have not been restrained,” he said during the campaign.

A recent visit from foreign secretary William Hague has boosted the Conservatives’ campaign, however. Ms McIntosh is expected to easily hold the seat.

She won 51.9% of the vote in 2005. Labour came second with 23.4% while the Lib Dems were third with 18.8%.

Thirsk and Malton candidates

John Clark – Liberal party
Toby Hawton – Ukip
Howard Keal – Liberal Democrat
Anne McIntosh – Conservative
Jonathan Roberts – Labour