Cameron admits first gaffe of campaign

David Cameron has admitted making his first election gaffe – forgetting the name of Tory target seat Stroud.

The leader of the opposition was speaking on BBC Radio Gloucestershire with breakfast presenter Mark Cummings, but when he was asked which seats in the county he was targeting he was at a loss.

He mentioned Cheltenham and Gloucester, but missed out Labour MP David Drew’s Stroud seat, saying: “I’m desperately racking my brains, which one have I missed out?”

When he was given a clue that Cider With Rosie was set there he said: “Of course… My first gaffe of the campaign. Funnily enough, Cider With Rosie is one of my favourite books. I’m terribly embarrassed.”

Mr Cameron is MP for Witney in Oxfordshire,just over the border from Gloucestershire.

Stroud’s Labour MP David Drew said: “I’ll just say that Stroud really matters to me and I’ll never forgot where it is and why it is important!”

The Conservatives hold three seats in the six-constituency county – Cotswolds, Forest of Dean and Tewkesbury.