Osborne’s credibility gap?

By Ian Dunt

Labour’s entire business team came out today to focus fire on the shadow chancellor, with Peter Mandelson, business secretary, Liam Byrne, chief secretary to the Treasury and Alistair Darling attacking the Tory’s economic policies.

Labour pokes at the Tories’ £22 bill gap

But the press conference failed to dent Conservative glee at the letter to the Telegraph by 23 company bosses supporting the Tory decision to scrap Mr Darling’s national insurance tax hike.

Business leaders back the Tories

The letter comes as a new poll by Harris for the Metro gave the Tories a ten point lead over Labour, taking projections out of hung parliament territory.

New poll hints at Tory majority

The Labour attack today focuses on what election strategists are increasingly considering the Conservative’s weak spot: Mr Osborne.

The shadow chancellor is considered by much of the public to be too young for the post. He came last in an online poll conducted during this week’s chancellor’s debate on Cahnnel 4.

Labour also scents blood in the contradiction between Tory commitments to cutting the deficit and offering tax cuts before an election.

Liberal Democrat treasury spokesman Vince Cable mocked both parties today.

“Labour and the Tories are as bad as each other,” he said.

“Under both their plans, public finances would be driven into the ground.

“Whether it’s for tax cuts or filling in the deficit hole, both parties seem to be in a competition to see who can come up with the least credible cuts.”