New poll hints at Tory majority

By staff

The Conservatives will form the next government with a 12 seat majority, according to a new opinion poll.

A Harris poll conducted for the Metro newspaper gives the Conservatives a ten per cent lead over Labour, pushing David Cameron just over the mark he needs to reach to win an overall majority.

A ten per cent lead is calculated to give the Tories a 12 seat majority.

This is the highest lead for the Conservatives in a Harris poll since January, with previous recent polls showing the party with a much narrower lead over Labour – resulting in a hung parliament.

In the national poll of 1,133 people between 23 and 29 March, Harris put the Conservatives on 37%, Labour on 27% and the Liberal Democrats 19%.

That is an increase of two points for the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in a week and a drop of one for Labour.

Ukip had four points and the BNP and Greens 3 points each.

If this result was translated to the general election the Conservatives would win 322 seats, labour 240 and the Liberal Democrats 56 seats. Nationalist and minor parties would gain 14 seats.

The poll was concluded last Monday and may not reflect the effect on voters of that evening’s debate between the chancellor and his opposition shadows.