BBC cuts back with new strategy

By staff

The BBC will scale back its websites and close two digital radio stations, in a new strategy published today.

Fans of 6Music and Asian Network were up in arms over the weekend when the idea of muting the digital stations first emerged.

The website will be cut by around 25%. Up to 600 jobs could go and broadcasting unions condemned the move this morning.

Writing in the Guardian today, director general Mark Thompson said the corporation would concentrate on quality and originality rather than expansive output.

Imported TV shows – particularly imported high-production value US dramas – might also be cut.

“Where actual or potential market impact outweighs public value, the BBC should leave space for others,” Mr Thompson said.

“It must listen to legitimate concerns from commercial media players more carefully than it has in the past, and act sooner to meet them.”

The BBC is eyeing up the possible arrival of a Tory government carefully, and some expect today’s strategy to pre-empt Tory changes later down the line.

The new strategy was commissioned by the BBC Trust last summer.