GMTV’s Gloria ruffles Labour activists’ feathers

By staff

Labour campaigners in Geoff Hoon’s safe Ashfield seat are getting hot under the collar after an attempt to parachute in GMTV’s Gloria De Piero.

Ms Piero is the breakfast programme’s political editor and is being considered to succeed the former defence secretary in his Nottinghamshire constituency, in an all-female shortlist.

“Gloria would be a huge asset to the party and to parliament,” a senior Labour source said yesterday.

“She has a first-class degree, a long history of Labour affiliation and excellent contacts. It is a complete coup for us.”

Most campaigners would welcome the political arrival of a woman who once finished above supermodel Kate Moss in a World’s Sexiest Woman poll.

Local activists remain hostile because of the decision to impose a newcomer on the constituency, however.

Ex-councillor Edward Llewellyn-Jones told the Sun newspaper he thought Ms De Piero’s outsider status would “make it difficult for us to say this individual is on your side”.

Ashfield Labour campaigners have had a tough 2010. It began with Mr Hoon’s attempt to remove Gordon Brown from Downing Street in a completely unsuccessful coup attempt.

Mr Hoon announced his intention to stand down from parliament soon afterwards.