Polls unmoving after BNP row

By politics.co.uk staff

The British National party (BNP) has not seen a polling boost after leader Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time last Thursday.

A poll by ComRes for the Independent newspaper put the party at two per cent, consistent with previous performances. Analysts have concluded the huge publicity given to the fringe far-right party has not led to a boost in support.

A separate poll by Populus put the BNP’s support in the two to three per cent range.

Mr Griffin himself remains upbeat, however. Appearing in what appears to be a disused carpark, he told party members: “The Question Time thing is still rolling on.

“The response from the public – I cannot tell you how amazing it is, people stopping me, shaking my hand.”

And in a newsletter addressing “fellow British patriots”, the party claimed the “total amount of new, fresh people brought into the BNP machine since last Thursday now stands at 25,000”.