Cameron outlines policy pledges

By staff

David Cameron has laid out ten key policy pledges ahead of his party’s conference in Manchester.

The Conservatives have come under attack in the last week by Labour delegates in Brighton that the party lacks substantial policies and that Mr Cameron’s leadership style is reliant on style over substance.

In today’s Sun newspaper, which endorsed the Tories after Gordon Brown’s conference speech, the Conservatives revealed ten policy points which would help win over what he called “deeply patriotic” Sun readers.

“There are a series of things the Conservatives will do that Sun readers would welcome after the 12 years we have had,” Mr Cameron told the tabloid.

“These things will make Britain a better place to live.”

Cameron’s ten top policy pledges

1 – Local government
Council tax will be frozen for two years, saving typical family £200

2 – Benefits
2.6 million on incapacity benefit to be reassessed; out-of-work claimants expected to work or prepare for work

3 – Human Rights Act
To be replaced by new British Bill of Rights strengthening civil liberties

4 – Parliament
MP numbers will be cut by ten per cent; ministers’ pay cut by five per cent; plus bonfire of the quangos

5 – Armed forces
Military covenant to be honoured; free sports and entertainment programme for troops to be introduced

6 – Tax
Corporation tax to be cut; inheritance tax to be reformed to encourage saving; marriage and families to be rewarded in tax and benefits system

7 – Public finances
National debt and public spending to be placed under control

8 – Public services
Headteachers will be handed final say on exclusions; NHS budget protected

9 – Europe
Referendum on Lisbon treaty guaranteed if it is not already in force

10 – Criminal justice
Magistrates’ sentencing to be doubled to one year; knife offenders will go to jail; police paperwork to be slashed