Tories consolidate lead as summer draws to an end

By Ian Dunt

A new poll released today shows Labour has failed to make any significant progress over the summer, despite a gruelling few weeks for the Conservatives.

Alan Duncan’s “rations” comments and the fiery controversy over the NHS failed to get Labour any headway, according to the Guardian/ICM poll.

Labour still has the lead on health, but it has dropped to a precarious three points – down from eight earlier in the year.

The Tories lead on education and the economy.

Interestingly, respondents expected their family to fare worse under the Tories, but preferred for them to be in charge anyway.

According to the poll, 73 per cent think taxes would rise under the Conservatives. Among Tories themselves, 62 per cent expect taxes to go up.

That only left 30 per cent of respondents to claim they would be better off under the Tories, while 59 per cent thought they would be worse off.

The Tory lead on the economy is critical, even if the issue has dropped down voters’ concerns by 11 points as worries over the crisis begins to fade.

The opposition currently leads by 11 points on the economy, and by nine points on which party is best-placed to fix the crisis.