Bercow prepares for first PMQs

New Speaker John Bercow is preparing to conduct his first ever prime minister’s questions today, following a difficult first day which saw him on the receiving end of criticism from his own party.

Mr Bercow was elected to the position on Monday evening after a series of ballots eventually whittled down his competitors to just one man, Sir George Young.

Yesterday afternoon he presided over questions to the health minister and Harriet Harman’s statement to the house on the new Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Urging quick answers from ministers and one question only per MP, he said he wanted to see “brisker progress” and a “more considered” approach to business.

However, Mr Bercow’s first challenge will be to establish his authority over the House as disgruntled Tories have already begun making attacks.

Nadine Dorries, Conservative MP for Mid Bedfordshire, told the Today programme that only three Tories had voted for Mr Bercow, and said his election was “almost a two-finger salute to the British people from the Labour MPs, and to the Conservative party”.