Conservatives scrap council’s ‘Labour’ rose logo

Conservatives scrap council’s ‘Labour’ rose logo

Newly victorious Conservatives at Lancashire county council have decided to scrap the council’s Labour-like rose logo in their first act since the local elections.

The rose logo, which resembles Labour’s rose, was originally designed to replace the traditional Lancashire Tudor rose.

Outgoing Labour leader Hazel Harding said the move was “taking the council back ten years”.

But Geoff Driver, the county council’s new leader, argued the replacement rose was unsuitable.

“We and a lot of people feel that the rose that was put into the logo a few years ago is not the Tudor rose of Lancashire. It is the Labour rose,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph.

“It will soon be gone but we will not spend a fortune to change it everywhere, just on things like stationery and on the website.”

Labour were decimated across the UK during last week’s local elections.