British couple die at euthanasia clinic in Switzerland

By staff

A British couple who were both suffering from terminal cancer have ended their lives together at a voluntary euthanasia clinic in Switzerland, their family have confirmed.

Peter and Penelope Duff, from Bath, died at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich last week.

Mr Duff, 80, was suffering from colon and liver cancer and his 70-year-old wife was also suffering from a rare form of the disease.

The couple’s daughter Helena Conibear said her parents had “passed away peacefully together” at the Swiss centre.

The family released a statement following the couple’s death, which said: ”Peter and Penny Duff passed away peacefully together in Zurich, after a long battle against their terminal cancer, on February 27th.

”Penny had fought a rare cancer, GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumour), since 1992 and Peter’s colon cancer had spread to his liver.

”Their decision in no way reflected on the wonderful and humbling care they have received from their consultant, doctors and nurses, for which the family, and they, were so appreciative.”

One hundred British people are said to have been helped to die by the centre in Switzerland.

Dignitas was founded in 1998, with 100 Britons reported to have died at the centre.