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Spanish Parliament passes assisted dying bill

Spanish lawmakers have voted by 202 to 141 in favour of assisted dying for people with incurable illnesses, becoming the fifth country to legalise assisted dying since 2016. Humanists UK has celebrated the move by the predominantly catholic country as a decisive step forward in the global campaign for assisted dying, which will add renewed… Read more »

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Oncologist doctor holding patient's hand in hospital. Showing all love, empathy, helping and encouragement. He has end stage cancer disease. Healthcare in end of life and palliative care concept
Assisted suicide ‘is the abandonment of care’

Recent calls for a parliamentary review of assisted suicide prematurely presume that the winds of political and social change are blowing in favour of legalisation. Through heavy focus on hard cases and hardly any coverage of the life-giving merits of palliative care, some proponents of change in Parliament have grandly overstated the problems with the status… Read more »

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