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Osborn: Tories better on poverty

Tories and Labour go toe-to-toe on poverty

The Tories will attempt to steal Labour's traditional political territory today when shadow chancellor George Osborne claims the Conservatives are better placed to address poverty.

  • Boris' column might still get him in trouble

    Boris brands Cameron's politics 'piffle'

    Conservative talk of Britain's 'broken society' is piffle according the Tory mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

  • BAA responsible for poor service

    BAA responsible for poor service

    The responsibility for the poor service received by both passengers and airlines at Britain's airports can be laid at the door of BAA, with lack of competition in the sector being the main reason.

  • Britain may not be able to afford all its Eurofighters

    Eurofighter 'sale' mulled by MoD

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is considering selling some of the Eurofighters it has ordered but cannot now afford, a report claims.

  • No frosty relations, David Miliband says

    Miliband denies Brown rift

    David Miliband said his relations with No 10 remained positive as he praised the "major contribution" of prime minister Gordon Brown to his efforts in Georgia.

  • Boris loses another deputy

    Boris loses another deputy

    Boris Johnson has lost a third senior member of his team today with the pre-emptive resignation of first transport minister Tim Parker.

  • Top Tory attacks parliament protest

    Top Tory attacks parliament protest

    The anti-war protest outside Parliament is a "vulgar and pointless display" which should be permanently moved, according to senior Tory figure.

  • David Miliband is set to travel to Georgia

    Miliband follows Cameron to Georgia

    Foreign secretary David Miliband is set to visit Georgia on Wednesday, nearly a week after David Cameron arrived in the country.

  • Pervez Musharraf resigned in a one-hour televised address to the nation

    UK worried by Musharraf exit

    The British government has called on Pakistan's coalition government to "come together" after the resignation of president Pervez Musharraf.

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