Cameron tries to ‘depoliticise’ civil service

In preparation of potentially moving into Downing Street, David Cameron has declared an ‘understanding’ with Whitehall civil servants that will make the process of governing easier.

Mr Cameron announced he will be employing Kris Murrin to brief shadow cabinet ministers and Whitehall permanent secretaries before they hold meetings.

Former Conservative leader Michael Howard said: “The civil service has become too politicised under Labour … there’s quite a lot of work to be done in strengthening its independence.”

Mr Murrin is a non-executive director at the Department for Innovation and worked under Tony Blair when he was part of the Prime Minister’s delivery unit.

Praise for Mr Murrin’s ability has come from Francis Maude, shadow cabinet office minister, who said: “Kris has over 10 years experience of working alongside current permanent secretaries and can give you a frank assessment of them.”

Mr Cameron stepped up his challenge on Gordon Brown today when he called for an election when speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.