Tories set to win conference war, poll suggests

The Conservatives are set to gain the most from this year’s party conferences, a poll suggests, as Tory delegates converge on Birmingham today.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents said the Conservatives would emerge as the biggest winners from this year’s conferences.

Fourteen per cent said the same of the Liberal Democrats after their ‘make it happen’ conference in Bournemouth.

But just ten per cent thought the governing party would eventually get the biggest bump, after a week of leadership speculation and uncertainty in Manchester.

The Conservatives meet following a successful year which has seen the party take a commanding lead in the polls over Labour.

Last year David Cameron’s leader’s speech marked a turning point for the opposition and, following rumours of a snap election in the autumn, his party’s popularity shot upwards.

Unsurprisingly 61 per cent of‘s politically engaged readership said the party conferences were relevant to voters in general.

But only 42 per cent said the conferences were likely to have an impact on the way they voted personally.