Michael Martin will chair the Commons committee looking at expenses

MPs second home allowances to be replaced

MPs second home allowances to be replaced

Second home allowances for MPs could be replaced by an annual housing grant worth up to £24,000, the Sunday Times claims.

In the present scheme, members of parliament can claim up to £23,000 a year to help with the running of their second homes.

The House of Commons recently lost a freedom of information legal battle to prevent details of MPs spending to be released to the general public.

It is claimed a grant would avoid the present debacle involving the submission of receipts.

The grant scheme is one of three options being considered by the members estimate committee due to make its recommendations soon.

The other two options include a housing award, with a £24,000 limit, based on MPs attendance at the House of Commons.

And, the submission of individual receipts to the Commons’ expenses department, before MPs are reimbursed.

All in all if the flat-grant is approved, MPs on average would be £4,500 a year better off.