Tory MP slammed over race jibe

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski has been criticised by Labour’s Denis MacShane following comments ascribing all “controversial” immigration to people from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The comments originally surfaced when Mr Kawczynski accused the BBC of “picking on white Christians from Poland”.

He continued: “They are using the Polish community as a cat’s paw to try to tackle the thorny issue of mass, unchecked immigration into our country.

“They realise that immigration needs to be discussed, as it has become uncontrolled under the Labour government, yet they won’t dare refer to controversial immigration from other countries, always referring repeatedly to Polish immigration.”

Outspoken Labour MP Denis MacShane has compared the comments to BNP propaganda.

“All foreigners, black or white legally in Britain are welcome,” he said.

“To indicate anything else is to sink into BNP racist territory.”

The BBC also launched a robust defence of its coverage, saying the “picture he paints is not one we recognise”.