Archive of 19 February 2007

Tony Blair promises new laws on gun crime following a spate of shootings

PM promises tougher stance on gun crime

The prime minister has promised that the government will respond to police calls for a tougher stance on gun crime.

  • Tony Blair has announced targets for a maximum 18 week wait for NHS treatment

    Blair: Waiting list cuts will 'transform' NHS

    Tony Blair committed today to "transform" the way health services are delivered, pledging that no patient will wait more than 18 weeks for NHS treatment by the end of 2008.

  • Jack Straw changes plans over House of Lords reform voting

    Straw in u-turn on Lords reform vote

    Leader of the House of Commons Jack Straw today performed a u-turn and abandoned his proposals to allow MPs to vote on the House of Lords reform using a preferential voting system.

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