Charles Kennedy keeps option of return open

Former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has not ruled out the possibility that he will return to frontline politics.

Mr Kennedy stated he was still at an age where he could make a contribution to politics.

Responding to a questions during the Festival of Politics at the Scottish parliament about the possibility of a return to politics, he said: “When you have been the leader of a national political party obviously you know what is involved, you are still of an age where you have got something to contribute, but you don’t have the relentless and remorseless demands upon you in quite the same way.”

“Which is not an answer to your question,” he then told the questioner.

The MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber also spoke about his health since he resigned as head of the party over problems with alcohol.

The former leader said he was “happy and fulfilled” and spoke about his decision to publicly admit his drink problems.

“I think individuals have got a right to a degree of privacy, even if you are in the public eye, where medical situations are concerned.

“But if you find that degree of privacy is going to be eroded then you may just as well tell people about it.

Mr Kennedy added that political implications rather than privacy concerns were his primary motives behind his decision to hand over leadership of the party.