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Smith to meet Federation over police pay

Police offer Smith "olive branch" in pay dispute

The Police Federation has offered a new year's "olive branch" to the home secretary as the government continues to reject demands to backdate the police pay award.

  • Stephen Byers was one of Tony Blair's most loyal ministers

    Blairites to rally round Brown

    Former minister Stephen Byers has called on fellow supporters of Tony Blair to unite behind new Labour leader Gordon Brown.

  • Doctors have attacked prison management

    Doctors attack prison healthcare

    A year of "political failure" has led to prisons being turned into "just a holding pen for criminals", the British Medical Association has said.

  • Official records show James Callaghan threatened to resign as PM rather than give in to possible police strike

    Callaghan faced police strikes

    James Callaghan threatened to resign as prime minister rather than give in to a possible police strike, official documents released today have shown.

  • Gordon Brown has passed on his condolences to the people of Pakistan

    Brown urges Pakistan elections

    Gordon Brown has urged Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf to go ahead with elections next month.

  • Prime minister Gordon Brown has previously denied holding any negotiations with the Taliban

    Taliban and MI6 'in talks'

    MI6 agents reportedly held talks with members of the Taliban in Afghanistan in order to convince them to stop fighting the country's government.

  • Conservatives: Level of gun crime in Britain is rising

    Conservatives: Complacency on crime

    The Conservative party has claimed that the level of gun crime in Britain is rising while the number of armed police officers on patrol is falling.

  • Douglas Alexander has recently visited the Middle East

    Alexander hopeful on Gaza

    Douglas Alexander has admitted that "very significant blocks" on the Gaza economy are making it difficult for the humanitarian situation to improve.

  • Brown and Cameron battled it out for half of 2007

    2007 at Westminster looks back at the political highlights of 2007.

  • Home secretary says number of failed asylum seekers whose deportation is postponed is twice as many as previously believed.

    Smith admits deportation mistake

    The home secretary has said the number of failed asylum seekers whose deportation flights are postponed is almost twice as many as previously believed.

  • Labour and Conservative MPs reportedly agree on voting for 10 per cent salary increase.

    MPs want salary hike

    Members of the House of Commons are looking to secure a ten per cent salary increase eventually reaching a further £6,000 annually, reports claim.

  • Nine NHS trusts admit losing patient records possibly affecting hundreds of thousands of adults and children.

    Nine NHS trusts lose records

    Nine NHS trusts have admitted losing patient records with hundreds of thousands of adults and children possibly affected by the security breach.

  • Ministers will now be required to assess the impact on the climate of all decisions made

    Ministers to assess climate cost

    Government ministers have been ordered to take into account the damage to the climate caused by all new projects.

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