Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey responds to recommendations in a leaked report that unfair dismissal laws should be scrapped:

"It can't be any coincidence that this sop to the right wing of the Tory party comes just 24 hours after the prime minister faced a massive revolt by his backbenchers demanding a referendum on Europe.

"It is despicable that this government seeks to appease its voracious right wing by promising to crush any powers to defend themselves that workers in this country may have left.

"UK workers are already the cheapest and easiest to sack in the European Union. Now David Cameron plans to take the nation further back to the dark days of 'hire-and-fire.' That is not in any way a plan for growth – it's a pathway to workplace misery and a demoralised and less productive workforce.

"This is a government in thrall to its vested interests – a rabid business lobby and an-out of-control right wing of the Tory party. With every day they remain in office, this country becomes a more unhappy and unequal place."

"As those who study the evidence on industrial tribunals know, the system works extremely well to root out so-called vexatious claims. Continuous peddling of poisonous myths by the likes of Mr Beecroft does not make these distortions true."